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Bright and Beautiful Color Palettes for Your Nursery

If you’re looking for décor and color ideas for your baby’s nursery, you’re in the right place. The most important thing about decorating a nursery is ensuring that the atmosphere is positive and that you and baby both feel great while you’re spending time there. Here are some fantastic color palettes that might inspire you as you try to decide on the color palette for your baby’s nursery.

This palette combines two neutral colors and three accent colors that really make the room pop. The great thing about this color palette is that it’s perfect whether your new bundle of joy will be a girl or a boy!

Nursery Colors

Photo Source:

White, coral and gray are soothing colors that don’t sacrifice when it comes to beauty. If you don’t care for coral, try turquoise, purple or another vivid color. The great thing about white and gray is that they look fantastic with absolutely any other color.

Grey, Coral and White Color Palette

Photo Source:

This green and orange nursery features pops of playful colors like the blue of the table and chairs. The effect is calming and soothing without being boring.

Green and Orange Nursery Color Scheme

While many people skip pastel greens, blues and pinks because they seem so overdone, this one is done very tastefully. It doesn’t look dated at all and in fact, the room looks very inviting.

White and Pastel Blue, Green and Pink Nursery

Photo Source:

This palette combines white with soft and muted blues and greens. The effect is a very soothing, serene environment where the baby can rest peacefully.

Muted Blues and Greens in White Nursery

Photo Source:

These are just a few ideas designed to help you think of the perfect palette for your little one’s future bedroom!

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Unique Baby Shower Candle Favors Guests Will Love

Baby shower favors can be a lot of fun to pick out, and definitely a lot of fun for guests to receive. Candles are one of the most popular baby shower favors, and these days, they’re created to fit perfectly with any baby shower theme. Here are some unique baby shower candle favors that will delight your guests.

“B is for Baby” Lettered Baby Block Candle

This is a fun and beautiful baby shower favor that works perfectly whether you’re having a boy or girl. These candles are baby powder scented and feature colors like pastel blue, lilac, pink and green. They come in a set of four, so they’re affordable as well as adorable. Your guests will cherish these unique baby shower favors for a long time to come.



Pink Baby Bottle Candle Favors

If you’re having a pretty princess, the pink baby bottle candle favors are perfect examples of unique and pretty. Each one comes in a clear plastic box and features a pretty pink satin ribbon. The bottles are decorated with pastel baby items like pacifiers, baby carriages and teddy bears. Charming and whimsical, these favors will be loved by all of your guests.



Blue Baby Bootie/Sneaker Design Candle

Announce the upcoming birth of your baby boy with this beautiful blue baby bootie design candle. Created from dark blue wax, this candle is highly detailed so you can see every stitch on the shoe and every thread in the shoe laces. It comes packaged in a clear plastic box and features a pretty blue satin ribbon. This super cute candle will serve as a memento of your special baby shower for a long time, and guests will love it.



“Born to be Wild” Animal Candles

What’s cuter than baby animals for a baby shower? These precious candles come in sets of four which include a monkey, zebra, tiger and elephant. Vividly colored and detailed, the candles come in a display box featuring a green and white jungle-leaves themed base. While these candles are perfect for a baby boy shower, they work very well for a girl also and are great for animal themes.



If you love candles and want to give your guests the very best, consider these super cute and unique baby shower candle favors.

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A Unique Hospital Guest Book for Your Bundle of Joy

When your little one is born, you’re going to want tons of pictures and you’re probably going to save a lot of mementos that remind you of this special time. This beautiful guest “book” idea will give you a fantastic keepsake that reminds you of all your hospital visitors – and someday, your child will appreciate this as well.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A Onesie (you can purchase a plain one or order one in advance with your little one’s name on it)

Sharpie Markers

It’s super simple…all you do is ask everyone who comes to visit to sign the onesie with a little message to your baby. They will fill up the onesie with their love and signatures, and you will have a tangible reminder of the special time.

You can then hang the onesie in a shadowbox frame and hang it in your little one’s room, or you can place it in a special box with other mementos and keepsakes from special times in your baby’s life.

Visitor Signed Onesie

Photo Source:

As an alternative method, you can have everyone sign the onesie with a pen and then have the signatures and messages embroidered into the onesie. This is a beautiful keepsake that you and your little one will adore throughout the years as a reminder of the outpouring of love you received when your baby girl or baby boy was born!

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Baby Shower Onesie Guessing Game

This is a fantastic and fun game you can play at your baby shower, and it also lets you gather up some adorable onesies for your little bundle of joy! Here’s how you play:

When Inviting the Guests

When you invite your guests, ask each one of them to make or purchase a onesie that really represents them as a person. It might be something funny, a rock star onesie, a ballerina onesie, a nerdy onesie, etc. They shouldn’t write their name on the onesie or put it in a package.

Onesie Baby Shower Game

Photo Source:

When the Guests Arrive

When the guests arrive, they should quickly hang the onesie on the provided “clothesline” without allowing anyone to see which onesie belongs to them. The game is simple: the bride takes a long look at the onesies on the clothesline and tries to guess which guest brought which onesie based on the way the onesie looks. It’s a lot of fun, and the bride gets some great little gifts for her sweet one.

There are a lot of variations of this game. If you don’t want to ask the guests to bring onesies, you can simply provide onesie templates and allow the guests to decorate them at the baby shower. The bride can then guess which ones were decorated by which guest.

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Girl Baby Shower Theme Ideas

If everyone knows you’re having a girl and you’ve chosen not to keep the gender a secret, why not celebrate with a very girly baby shower? There are a lot of different theme ideas to choose from, and each one can be a lot of fun to decorate for and celebrate. Here are some fantastic girl baby shower theme ideas.

Princess Theme

The princess baby shower theme is a very popular one, and as you welcome your little princess to the world, this shower theme lets you do it in style. The girls can be given fun crowns to wear during the shower, to celebrate their inner princesses. Décor can include glass slippers, faux spinning wheels, fairy godmothers and more. Favors like the Crown Design Bookmark are perfect for this theme, and sure to delight your guests.

Crown Design Bookmark Favors

Crown Design Bookmark Favors

Blooming Flower Theme

This is a really fun girl baby shower theme for summer baby showers. Flower-themed invitations can be given to guests, and the party décor can center on flowers. For instance, clear containers full of wild flowers can be used as centerpieces, and each guest can be given a corsage to wear during the party. The cake can be decked out with candied flowers, or created in the shape of a flower. Fun baby shower favors can include packets of flower seeds, too!

"Baby in Bloom" Personalized Shower Seed Packets

“Baby in Bloom” Personalized Shower Seed Packets

“Sweet” Heart Theme

This is a fun and tasty girl baby shower theme idea. The sweet heart theme centers on sweets of all kinds! Rather than having lunch, hosts can prepare dessert bars with make-your-own cupcakes or ice cream sundaes. Décor can include sweet-related items like cakes, pies, and other sweets. Favors like personalized lollipops or favor boxes full of goodies are a great idea. Have guests try to win a prize by guessing how many candies are inside a closed jar. This is a fun theme and can be a beautiful shower theme with a little creativity and imagination.

Personalized Lollipop Favors - Pink Baby

Personalized Lollipop Favors – Pink Baby

Make Over Theme

Another really fun idea, the make over theme just invites a little pampering. The host can hire a professional makeup artist to give makeovers to the girls during the party, and the cake can include fondant makeup accessories. Favors can include monogrammed cosmetic bags or personalized lip glosses.

"Cosmetic Couture" Quilted Monogrammed Make-Up Bag

“Cosmetic Couture” Quilted Monogrammed Make-Up Bag


There are a ton of great baby girl shower theme ideas that you can use to enhance the fun and make sure everyone has a wonderful time celebrating the big debut of your little bundle of joy.

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Make Your Own Boutique Style Baby Shower Cupcakes

Everyone loves those adorable boutique cupcakes often found at baby showers and bridal showers. If you want that look but don’t want to pay the price, you’re in luck. You can create your own boutique cupcakes and have a lot of fun doing so!

Start with Typical Cupcakes

You’ll want to start with regular cupcakes made from either your favorite cake recipe or a pre-mixed box cake. Bake them according to the directions on the package, using cupcake liners for easy removal from pans. You should make about 2 cupcakes for every guest that will be attending the baby shower, and don’t forget to count the mom-to-be and family members.

Plain Cupcakes

Photo Source:

Fancy Cupcake Wrappers

Using colored paper, create pretty cupcake wrappers by following one of the many tutorials available on YouTube. They’re not difficult to make, and you can choose paper that matches your baby shower theme as well as the colors. To make your cupcakes even prettier, choose a few different designs in coordinating colors. Make sure you have scissors, glue and paper punches on hand before getting started.

Cupcake Wrappers

Photo Source:


Use a decorator’s bag filled with icing in the color you want, and choose a star shaped tip. You can get these from virtually any craft store, or the craft department in your local grocery store. You’re going to want to have plenty of icing on hand to make sure the cupcakes are completely covered. Starting at the center of the cupcake, apply pressure to the bag until the icing comes out. Move in a spiral motion, covering the entire top of the cupcake with the icing. Do a few for practice first so you can get the hang of it.

Baby Shower Cupcake Icing

Photo Source:


Finally, to finish off your boutique style cupcakes, add fun embellishments to the top. You can use cupcake picks with fun sayings, small pieces of candy, sprinkles, or anything you want. These are fun boutique style cupcakes that your guests will love, and they cost next to nothing!

Cupcake Topping

Photo Source:

Finish off the fun theme by giving your guests fun cupcake favors that they’ll adore!

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4 Cute Maternity Musts for the Mom to Be

If you’re waiting anxiously on the arrival of your bundle of joy, you already know the feelings every mom experience – the excitement, the hope, the love. There isn’t much you can do to hurry the process along but there are some great maternity musts you can enjoy until your little one’s debut. Check out these 4 items you have to have:

Baby Peeking Maternity Shirt

This adorable shirt is funny and cute, and shows “baby” peeking out from his or her warm home the womb!

Peeking Baby Maternity Shirt

Photo Source:

Body Pillow

When it can be difficult to sleep in any position, the body pillow really helps out. You can throw a leg and arm across it so you get the sensation of being able to sleep on your belly while making sure baby has plenty of room at the same time!

50" Smooshie Micro Bead Body Pillows

Photo Source:

Maternity Support Vest/Tanktop

These kinds of products are designed to provide extra support where you need it most – your growing belly! As your baby grows, the weight you’re carrying in front can start to take a toll on your back and the rest of you. The maternity support vests and tanktops really work!

Maternity SUPPORT VEST and tank top

Photo Source:

Great Maternity Jeans

You don’t have to spend a ton on maternity clothes, especially if you invest in 1-2 pairs of maternity jeans. They hold up very well, look stylish and most of the time you can wear them with your normal shirts. They’re great for doctor’s visits, a day on the town, etc.

Rivet Maternity Jeans

Photo Source:

These are just a few items that will make your pregnancy easier as you wait for your little one!

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3 Quick Tips to Make Your Baby Shower the Best Ever

Whether you’re the soon-to-be mom or you’re hosting a baby shower for a friend or family member, it can get quite stressful at times. With these 3 quick tips, you can make planning easier and ensure that the baby shower goes smoothly and that everyone has a great time.

Pampers theme Baby shower cake

Photo Source:

Get RSVPs as Early as Possible

It used to be proper etiquette for guests to send their RSVP cards back to the host when they receive them, but these days things are a little more hectic. The card can get lost, guests can forget to send it back, and a lot of other issues can come up as well. Have your guests RSVP as soon as possible and allow them to do it however they want. Keep a notebook with you so you can write down the guests who have RSVPd. Have them send you an email, give you a phone call or even accept a Facebook invite. This will help you know exactly who will be attending so you can plan accordingly.

Approve the Guest List

This can be tricky if you’re planning a surprise baby shower for a friend or family member, but you should try to approve the guest list. If you don’t want to ask her, ask a closest friend or family member to her. This way, you can be sure that everyone who is on the list is someone that the mom-to-be would invite herself. Things can get pretty sticky if someone is invited who for whatever reason shouldn’t be.

Try to Accommodate Everyone

As you’re planning the baby shower menu and other aspects, do your best to accommodate everyone. Make sure there are vegetarian foods available as well as sugar-free options for those who may have health conditions. If you’re creating a coffee bar, offer tea as well. Offer up a variety of options so that everyone can find something they like. Nothing is worse than realizing a guest has special circumstances and there is nothing to offer her.

When you follow these 3 tips, you can ensure that the baby shower runs smoothly and that it’s fun for everyone.

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Adorable Photo Ideas for Your New Bundle of Joy

Now that your sweet bundle of joy has arrived (or even if you’re still anxiously awaiting her), you’re going to want tons of photos! There are so many different cute poses and prop ideas that it can be hard to choose which ones to go with first. The following sweet ideas are must-have photos of your new baby.

Knock, Knock

This adorable photo is perfect for big brothers or sisters, and can be fun to play around with until you get the perfect expression or capture the perfect moment. It may take a little work, but with a patient and talented photographer, it’s definitely possible.

Toddler Opening Door to Find Baby

Photo Source:

Uniformed Baby

This is a sweet picture and perfect idea for babies whose parents are police officers, fire fighters, or in the military. It’s a great memento for the parents as well!

Baby with Uniform

Photo Source:

Newborn with Initial

For a simple and sweet pose, capture your baby next to a wooden letter that is their first initial. It’s sweet and makes a great nursery photo.

Baby with Initial

Photo Source:


Perfect for your little boy, this “kisses” photo is not only adorable, but funny as well.

Baby Selling Kisses

Teddy Bear Love

This sweet photo really makes it look like Teddy is holding this precious baby for a nap! What a beautiful and simple photo that is easy to get.

Baby With Teddy Bear

Photo Source:

Sports Fans

For the sports fans, this is a perfect idea. This sweet baby is tucked inside a baseball glove, wearing a warm baseball hat and holding a ball.

Baby With Sports Items

Photo Source:

There are so many great poses out there, but these were so cute we just had to highlight them. Choose some of these poses for your baby’s first photos, or use them as inspiration for creating your own poses!

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Celebrity Baby Names 2013

The first half of 2013 is over, and in those 6 months, we’ve seen quite a few celebrity births. With those births come the names. If you’re wondering how your sweet bundle of joy’s name will compare to celebrity baby names, here goes:

Everly Tatum

Of course, this is the name of Channing and Jenna Tatum’s baby girl, born on May 31st. Everly Tatum has a certain ring to it, and it’s definitely not the oddest name we’ve seen all year!

Everly Tatum with Channing Tatum and Jenna Tatum

Photo Source:

Logan Vincent

Logan is the son of Tamar Braxton, born June 7th 2013. Logan Vincent may be one of the most normal celebrity baby names of 2013.

Tamar Braxtom

Photo Source:

Doone Isla

This is the name of Amanda Beard and Sacha Brown’s daughter, born on June 19th.

Doone Isla

Photo Source:

Rainbow Aurora

The daughter of former playmate Holly Madison, Rainbow Aurora was born March 5th.

Holly Madison and Rainbow Aurora

Photo Source:

Goldie Ryan

Shoe designer Steve Madden gave this name to his daughter, born March 13th.

Steve Madden

Photo Source:

Vaunne Sydney

Mercedes McNab and husband Mark Henderson welcomed their baby girl on February 25th. If you’re an Alias fan, this name will make you do a double take, although we’ve no clue if that’s what mom intended. In any case, it’s a charming name.

Mercedes McNab

Photo Source:

Jax Copeland

Tom Arnold’s son, born April 6th, was given the name Jax Copeland. He’s a real miracle after years of mom and dad struggling with infertility!

Tom Arnold and Wife

Photo Source:

Scout Jennings

Olympic medalist Kerri Walsh gave birth to her daughter on April 6th and named her Scout Jennings.

Kerri Walsh Jennings' Family

Photo Source:

North West

Of course, we can’t forget little North West, named by her parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. When asked why they’d chosen this name for their baby girl, they replied that “What’s north of north? Nothing.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Photo Source:

So, how do these compare to the names you’ve picked out for your baby? We’re sure to see even more glamorous and slightly odd names in the next half of the year.

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