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Beautiful Photos Make the Most Meaningful Baby Favors

If you are looking for a special theme and decorating scheme for your baby shower, consider getting a set of pregnancy photos taken with you and your family.

Pregnancy photo baby favors are the perfect gifts. While you may not always feel like you’re glowing, radiant, and photogenic with a big baby belly, a set of pregnancy photos can become the perfect way to remember your pregnancy, and they make great decorations and favors for a baby shower as well.

Why Take Pregnancy Photos for My Baby Shower?

Pregnancy photos are ideal for a scrapbook that you can use to show your child as they age, but they are even more perfect for decorations at your shower. You are celebrating your baby and your family as well, so have a picture of mom-to-be and the rest of her family as well. Find a way to incorporate the baby’s name in the photo, either with baby blocks or with something as creative as drawing the baby’s name in the sand at the beach. You can make a small album or a display of these photos for your shower. Your guests will love taking the time to look at these photos, but that is not their only purpose.

Use These Photos to Create a Beautiful Baby Favor

Many baby favors will be lost in translation or they won’t be kept around for very long, but you can break that trend and give them a really special keepsake from your baby shower. Use the beautiful photos you took to create a personalized one-of-a-kind baby favor. Choose something that is decorative and meaningful. A small decorative box or votive can have your picture and your baby’s name printed on the side, and will make a perfect little gift that your baby shower guests will want to hold onto for the long term.

Pregnancy photos are the perfect opportunity to create something that you can look back on when you reflect on your life-changing event. They are also the perfect gift for guests at your shower. Instead of giving them cheap baby favors that they will just throw away, give them baby favors that they will want to keep, like pregnancy photo baby favors.

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