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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Practical Baby Favors for Fall Showers

Everyone can use practical baby favors, but do you want your guests to have useful favors that are geared toward the festiveness of the fall season? Try some of these ideas. Practical baby favors for fall showers can be hard … Continue reading

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Baby Favor Ideas with Cute Creature Themes

Favors with animal themes or creepy crawly creatures make excellent favors for a baby shower, regardless of the look and style of your shower décor. There are plenty of baby favor ideas with cute creature themes for your baby shower, … Continue reading

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Green Baby Favors for Eco-Friendly Baby Showers

Eco-friendly baby showers are all the rage today. If you’re an eco-conscious mommy-to-be, try some of these green baby favor ideas for your upcoming baby shower. Green baby favors are great for any type of baby shower. Regardless of how … Continue reading

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Silver Baby Shower Favors for Glistening Shower Decor

If silver is your favorite color choice for decorating your shower, you can incorporate this into your theme and bring a streak of beautiful color to your occasion. Silver baby shower favors can help you incorporate a full-on silver look … Continue reading

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Personalized Coffee Mug Favor Ideas for Your Shower Guests

Personalized coffee mug favors are great and your shower guests will love them, but have you considered getting creative with them? Personalized coffee mug baby favors are some of the most popular favors to give shower guests, especially when your … Continue reading

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Bath and Body Baby Favors for Your Baby Shower

Want to give your guests a shower gift they will truly enjoy? Why not consider a bath and body baby shower favor? Have you considered bath and body baby favors for your baby shower? They are clever, inexpensive, and very … Continue reading

Posted in Bath & Body Baby Favors

Top Gifts to Give at Any Baby Shower

Coming up with the perfect gift for your friend’s baby shower can be tough, especially when she may receive many of the same items from other guests. Here are some top gift ideas to give that will always come in … Continue reading

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Get Creative with Baby Bottle Baby Favors

You don’t have to send your guests home with actual baby bottles. Try using baby bottle baby favors for fun, unique gift ideas! Baby bottle baby favors don’t have to be as straightforward as they sound. Whether you are planning … Continue reading

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Butterfly Baby Favors for Your Enchanted Fairy Baby Shower

Decorating the nursery with enchanted fairies? Butterfly baby favors make the perfect complement to your baby shower theme. Get some of the best ideas here. Whether you are decorating the nursery with enchanted fairies or just enjoy the fairy theme, … Continue reading

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Give Your Guests Baby Shower Favors for the Kitchen

With emphasis on reducing waste, a functional baby shower gift can give shower guests a gift that they can use on a regular basis. So why not give them favors for the kitchen that they can use over and over … Continue reading

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