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Looking for Coed Baby Favor Ideas?

Coed baby favor ideas can be hard to come by. Most baby favors are fit for a princess and are specifically designed with ladies in mind, but here are some favor options that both men and women will love.

Coed baby showers are more popular today than they have ever been, so looking for coed baby favor ideas is an absolute must. Although many mommies-to-be disregard the men at a baby shower, it is becoming more and more appropriate to consider giving guests coed favors as a common courtesy. Even if you try to make an effort to be accommodating, though, it can be downright impossible to find baby favors that can be enjoyed by both men and women. After all, most baby favors are pastel colored and oozing with cuteness.

If you’re not having much luck finding coed baby favor ideas, any of the following options can save the day!

Treats and Baked Goods

Candies, treats, and other baked goods are always great for gifts at parties, and they are especially great at baby showers because they complement the fun, cute décor and sweet overall atmosphere of the occasion. You can go crazy with adorable favor tins that the ladies will love, but the contents will be so delicious, the men won’t be able to resist!

Practical Tools

No, you don’t have to give out masculine tool kits at your baby shower, but you can choose practical tools for the kitchen or for the house that are both decorative and useful. Bottle openers, gardening tools, or decorative kitchen utensils can be presented with feminine bows and paper, but the gifts themselves will be a hit with women and men alike.

Gift Cards and Certificates

Another great coed baby favor idea that lets you give the best of both worlds is to give your guests gift cards or certificates. You can use gift cards from a favorite restaurant or popular retail store that the guys will love, but wrap them in pretty, cutesy presentation boxes for the sake of the baby shower décor and your fellow lady guests. Coed baby favor ideas such as these will make all of your guests feel welcome, and they are excellent ways to thank everyone for coming!

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