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Winter Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Are you or someone you know expecting a little one in the winter? We have some cute baby shower favor ideas for winter showers right here.

If you or someone you know is planning a winter baby shower, you’ll need some cute winter baby shower favor ideas to make the occasion really special. Adding baby favors to the shower will enhance your decor and show your guests how much you appreciate their attendance, but finding winter baby shower favor ideas can be challenging.

Most baby favors are bright and cheerful and just ooze feelings of springtime or summertime. If you have your heart set on giving your guests cute favors but really want items that are more themed toward the colder months of the year to complement the season you’re due, try any of the following winter baby shower favor ideas:

“Love and Kisses” Personalized Lip Balm SticksYou can never have enough lip balm in the wintertime. These lip balm sticks can be customized with a number of different label graphics, colors, and text, so you can match them to your winter-themed shower decor. For example, you can choose from a winter snowflake design, or a fall leaves design if you are having a shower in the late fall.

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Angel Design Mint TinsAngel themes are ideal for wintertime baby showers, thanks to Christmas and the New Year, but they are also great because they celebrate the little angel you are celebrating. Plus, the angel theme works for either boys or girls. They come prefilled with mints, so your guests can use them long after your shower and can refill them when they’d like.

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Personalized Teddy Bear JarsThese jars are cute and practical. They can be used for a boy or girl-themed baby shower, and they are ideal for the winter months because they can hold all kinds of goodies. Winter is all about baking, so why not fill these adorable jars with your own homemade cookies or candies? You can also fill them with fresh wintertime potpourri scents, like cinnamon or pumpkin pie. This is one of our favorite winter baby shower favor ideas!

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