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Baby Favor Stuffer Ideas for Your Favor Boxes and Jars

Are you using favor boxes, bags, or jars for your baby shower favors? What are you going to put inside? Here are some baby favor stuffer ideas your guests will love.

Using favor boxes, jars, or bags for your baby shower favors is always fun, but you need some baby favor stuffer ideas to go with those great containers! Choosing the right contents for your favor boxes, bags, and jars can bring smiles to your guests’ faces and send them home happy and content. Certain boxes, jars, and bags will have limited space, so not every container type will be able to hold each stuffer idea we mention here. However, a majority of the items on this list can be used with virtually any kind of favor container.

Try any of these baby favor stuffer ideas for your favor boxes, jars, or bags:

Homemade or gourmet candies—Candy or edible baby favors of any kind are some of the most popular favor stuffer ideas you’ll come across, and with good reason. There is something homey, thoughtful, and personal about edible favors. Whether you bake them yourself or give store-bought gourmet candies from your favorite vendor, edible gifts make great favor box, jar, or bag stuffers.

Recipe mixes—Are you crafty in the kitchen? Do you love to bake or have a family recipe in your possession that has been passed down to you? Try using favor jars to gift your shower guests with recipe mixes and index cards (pink, yellow, or blue to complement the sex of the baby) with cooking or ingredient instructions written on them.

Tealights—Tealights with colors that complement your shower decor are great baby favor stuffer ideas for your gift boxes, and some favor boxes and bags are large enough to fit full votive-style candles or votive holders. You can also top them off by spreading a little potpourri inside the containers. Your guests will love the scent when they pop open their favor boxes.

Any of these baby favor ideas will enhance your favor containers, and your guests will get two surprises in one!

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