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Affordable Baby Shower Favors for Any Budget

With a baby on the way, funds may be limited. But limited funds don’t have to stop you from being a good hostess. You can still offer your guests a parting gift, often referred to as a shower favor, with these affordable baby shower favors. 

Even with a limited budget, moms-to-be can offer parting gifts simply by searching out affordable baby shower favors. These whimsical, adorable, but affordable gifts will make sure that your guests feel appreciated long after the shower is over. If you’re running short on time, however, the research time you have may be limited. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of affordable baby shower favors that will fit nearly any budget.

Cute Containers and Candy

Cute containers and candy can be one of the easiest and more affordable baby shower favors in existence. They’re also one of the most versatile. Choose any container that fits the baby shower theme, choose any candy that will fit in those containers, and then dress the containers up. Most cute containers and candy favors can be made up for just a couple of dollars each. Guests appreciate these affordable baby shower favors and you’ll appreciate the cost.

Cookie Favors

Cookie favors are also very affordable baby shower favors. These can either be made by you or purchased through special vendors. They can be wrapped in anything from cellophane to ribbon. What’s more, you can create cookie favors in various shapes, colors, and sizes, making them perfect for almost any shower theme. You could also make or buy a buy baby favor in which it give your guests the ingredients to make cookies! This is becoming a very popular idea. You get to design your own label to fit your event!

edible baby favors


Plant a Seed, Let it Grow

At just a couple of dollars per favor, seeds are another highly affordable baby shower favor. Perfect for the eco-conscious mom-to-be or just any mom that loves plants and flowers, these favors can be purchased and packaged for presentation by you or they can be purchased in cute, eco-friendly packages that can be planted along with the seeds. The choice is completely up to you, but you can be certain that no matter how you opt to use these affordable baby favors, your guests will be impressed.

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