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Fun Baby Shower Bottle Cupcakes

If you want a super cute baby shower snack, or you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional cake, this is a fantastic idea. These fun baby shower bottle cupcakes are easy to make and they’re delicious as well. Here’s what you’ll need:

Bottle Nipples (one for each cupcake)

Glass Jar for each cupcake

2 Cupcakes for each jar

Blue and pink tinted icing

Ribbon and tags

How to Create Them:

Here’s how to make them. Simply cut the cupcakes in half. Place one half in the bottom of the jar and add a thick layer of icing. Place the top layer of the cupcake in the jar and mash it so the icing spreads throughout the jar. Add another layer of icing and another cupcake bottom, then another layer of icing and the top of the cupcake. Finally, add another layer of icing on top to fill the bottle before placing the nipple on top.

Decorate the jar by tying ribbon around the top of the jar. You can add tags to personalize the cupcake jars and use colored ribbon that matches your baby shower theme. This is a really cute idea and of course, very yummy!

Baby Shower Cupcakes

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You can also use pound cake as an alternative for the cupcakes and use fruit and cool whip if you’d like the snack to be a little bit lighter. They’re a definite win and your guests will be sure to love them.

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