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Baby Shower Onesie Guessing Game

This is a fantastic and fun game you can play at your baby shower, and it also lets you gather up some adorable onesies for your little bundle of joy! Here’s how you play:

When Inviting the Guests

When you invite your guests, ask each one of them to make or purchase a onesie that really represents them as a person. It might be something funny, a rock star onesie, a ballerina onesie, a nerdy onesie, etc. They shouldn’t write their name on the onesie or put it in a package.

Onesie Baby Shower Game

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When the Guests Arrive

When the guests arrive, they should quickly hang the onesie on the provided “clothesline” without allowing anyone to see which onesie belongs to them. The game is simple: the bride takes a long look at the onesies on the clothesline and tries to guess which guest brought which onesie based on the way the onesie looks. It’s a lot of fun, and the bride gets some great little gifts for her sweet one.

There are a lot of variations of this game. If you don’t want to ask the guests to bring onesies, you can simply provide onesie templates and allow the guests to decorate them at the baby shower. The bride can then guess which ones were decorated by which guest.

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