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Bright and Beautiful Color Palettes for Your Nursery

If you’re looking for décor and color ideas for your baby’s nursery, you’re in the right place. The most important thing about decorating a nursery is ensuring that the atmosphere is positive and that you and baby both feel great … Continue reading

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Unique Baby Shower Candle Favors Guests Will Love

Baby shower favors can be a lot of fun to pick out, and definitely a lot of fun for guests to receive. Candles are one of the most popular baby shower favors, and these days, they’re created to fit perfectly … Continue reading

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A Unique Hospital Guest Book for Your Bundle of Joy

When your little one is born, you’re going to want tons of pictures and you’re probably going to save a lot of mementos that remind you of this special time. This beautiful guest “book” idea will give you a fantastic … Continue reading

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Baby Shower Onesie Guessing Game

This is a fantastic and fun game you can play at your baby shower, and it also lets you gather up some adorable onesies for your little bundle of joy! Here’s how you play: When Inviting the Guests When you … Continue reading

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Girl Baby Shower Theme Ideas

If everyone knows you’re having a girl and you’ve chosen not to keep the gender a secret, why not celebrate with a very girly baby shower? There are a lot of different theme ideas to choose from, and each one … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Boutique Style Baby Shower Cupcakes

Everyone loves those adorable boutique cupcakes often found at baby showers and bridal showers. If you want that look but don’t want to pay the price, you’re in luck. You can create your own boutique cupcakes and have a lot … Continue reading

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4 Cute Maternity Musts for the Mom to Be

If you’re waiting anxiously on the arrival of your bundle of joy, you already know the feelings every mom experience – the excitement, the hope, the love. There isn’t much you can do to hurry the process along but there … Continue reading

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3 Quick Tips to Make Your Baby Shower the Best Ever

Whether you’re the soon-to-be mom or you’re hosting a baby shower for a friend or family member, it can get quite stressful at times. With these 3 quick tips, you can make planning easier and ensure that the baby shower … Continue reading

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Adorable Photo Ideas for Your New Bundle of Joy

Now that your sweet bundle of joy has arrived (or even if you’re still anxiously awaiting her), you’re going to want tons of photos! There are so many different cute poses and prop ideas that it can be hard to … Continue reading

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Celebrity Baby Names 2013

The first half of 2013 is over, and in those 6 months, we’ve seen quite a few celebrity births. With those births come the names. If you’re wondering how your sweet bundle of joy’s name will compare to celebrity baby … Continue reading

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